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What the hell is a creative producer anyway ?

In TV or Film production, the creative producer is responsible for On-Air and Web Communication. 


TASKS -  Produce Teasers, promos, campaigns, sales reels, ad spots for programs or TV brands.


* Pitch, develop and create promotional campaigns based on programming & marketing briefs.


* Contribute in the development of new content and features.


* Generate copy, ideas and concepts that best meet the brief and ensure output is highly targeted to the local audience and respects brand values.


* Oversee all the steps of the production workflow: Creative research, copywriting, music consulting, editing, sound design & graphic identity.


* Direct live action shoots when appropriate as well as edits, VO and audio sessions.


* Strong copywriting skills, cinema culture & creative judgment with a keen interest in current media trends.           


* Strong planning & organizational skills to manage projects.


* Clear knowledge of production processes, software programs, tools & techniques.


* Ability to work within given budget and timeline.


 * Good communication skills and ability to be persuasive at various levels.


A creative producer works under pressure.

He has to convene with designers, writers, production technicians and financial backers.


Assignments are mainly short-term and can run from one day to many months.

The more fun he has doing his job, the better.

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