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Creative Storyteller

Chloé is a freelance Creative Producer, copywriter and Filmmaker and Teacher who lives in Rome, Italy. 


After studying French Literature at La Sorbonne in Paris, she began her professional life in Italy teaching at the French Cultural Center.


While working as a freelance journalist and translator, Chloé directed various short films including ACQUA PASSATA (Riccardo Scamarcio) and TV documentaries such as ANNA M. (with French actress Anna Mouglalis) and BLUE IS THE COLOUR  (London Raindance Film Festival 2004).


She then was recruted by Fox Channels Italy as a Promo Producer.

After 10 years working with prestigious international brands such as National Geographic Channel and winning multiple Promax Awards for creative communication along the way, it is clear that she knows a thing or two about On-Air Promotion and Branding.

 © pic Giulia Manelli

Possessing the spirit of an independent filmmaker, Chloé is never far from a project of her own.

Despite a successful career in television, she never stops creating, often collaborating with director Andres Arce Maldonado for documentaries STARDUST MEMORIES (2008) & LA FAUTE A MON PERE  (2012 - multiple awards).

In 2015, she also worked as  tv writer for the RAI 3 documentary series SCONOSCIUTI.

Since 2018, she is a Lecturer in Communications at  JOHN CABOT UNIVERSITY of Rome and often collaborates as speaker and voice-over for promos and commercials.

Promos, spots, short format, web content and documentaries, she knows how to hook a viewer,  how to catch a target, how to move an audience and most of all, how to tell a story.

“the best thing

           about having ideas...”

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