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by Chloé Barreau & Marina Jankovic

Poduced by Roger Deutsch - OTTO FILMS


4 x 26' - SKY SPORT ITALY - 2004



“Much appreciated the female input into this work."


FOOTBALL BLUES : Four chelsea fans comment the joy and pain of following a team of eleven men in coloured shirts around Europe. Blue is the Colour introduces us to “real” football fans - committed but reasoned, passionate but intelligent; at its best, it forces a re-evaluation of the stereotype “supporter” in our collective unconscious.

It is this counterpointing structure, between figures tortured by love and genuine fear, that propels this doc into becoming not just a commentary of fandom, but suddenly a window on the most intense emotion, a genuine cauldron of angst, triumph and despair. Blue is the Colour is an essential guide to why you should always look beyond the surface and question your assumptions about everyone - including football supporters.


"Football support is one of the stupidest things you can do," Chelsea fan Mike Perillo confesses in this in-depth

and humorous documentary exploring what makes fans of Chelsea football club, and football in general, tick.

In their documentary, Marina Jankovic and Chloe Barreau follow Chelsea on their 2003-04 European Champions' League campaign. They interview a broad cross-section of Chelsea fans - from a posh bridge teacher, to a cheeky, though eloquent if slightly bad-mouthed Opera manager, to a London taxi driver with a heart of gold who refuses to swear, despite his overwhelming passion for the team.

The documentary seeks to explain the irrational passion for football and their team that the participants in the film share, despite their very different lives and views. The film also contains some unique footage and very funny moments. A must see and a fantastic debut. Definitely 10/10.


At last a film that appeals as much to those who have never set foot in a football ground as to the true fanatics inured

in football culture. The film is written by Marina Jankovic who, together with Chloé Barreau, also directs this poignant documentary featuring four fans, two female, (one of whom is ‘posh’) which charts their highs and lows as they follow their team around Europe.

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